Saudi Home Coming Initiative (SHCI)

SHCI project aims to increase interaction and collaboration between two countries, through expanding Korea visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and thus accelerating Korea Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) investment to the Saudi market.

Overview of Saudi Home Coming Initiative (SHCI)

Long historical ties between Saudi Arabia and Korea

Since 6th Century, Saudi Arabia and Korea was already economically connected via SilkRoad with Arabian merchants

Saudi Arabia as their second home

Many Korean young workers who were dispatched to operation sites during Saudi construction boom in 1970s, still remember KSA as their second home and these middle-aged men now wishes to revisit old places with their families and relatives

Collaboration project with Saudi Ministries

KSFS is collaborating with Saudi Ministries to develop Saudi Home Coming Initiative (SHCI) program to invite Koreans who contributed in constructing infrastructure of Saudi Arabia back in 1970s and leverage the program to induce more cultural & economic interaction, thus promoting investment in Saudi Arabia

Appreciating Korean Contributors

SHCI Program Objectives shared with KSFS by Saudi Ministry of Economy & Planning (MEP) in July 2019, targeting to invite 10 families (20 pax) to Saudi Arabia. The first visiting date has been scheduled to Q4 2020.

Official announcement of SHCI program

Crown Prince state visit to Korea and official announcement of SHCI program during Saudi-Korea Partnership Convention 2019

Long-term approach towards comprehensive development

3-year comprehensive SHCI Program starts from cultural exposure, inducing curiosity and developing intimacy between two nations, that will develop into more vigorous interaction across wide sectors.

Cultural exchange to enhance awareness of Saudi Arabia

Culture contents will enhance awareness of Saudi Arabia and this will lead to more interactive and dynamic economic exchanges in various fields

  • Experience living in KSA (i.e. Airbnb)
  • Entertainment, K-Pop, Drama, Movie
  • Shopping & Dining in KSA
  • Documentary film on KSA
  • Korean celebrity visit to KSA &
  • Entertainment Program development
  • Making Friends