Welcome Message from KSFS Chairman

We sincerely welcome and thank you for visiting our website of Korea-Saudi Friendship Society.

Saudi Arabia is a country of Islam and Oil. Saudi Arabia has great potential for further development based on abundant natural resources and sufficient man power in young generation. With Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is now transforming into a new nation under the theme of ‘a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation’.  Saudi Arabia has promising future with its thoroughly planned preparation, leveraging country’s unique strengths and capabilities.

The relationship between Korea and Saudi Arabia has grown consistently, ever since both country has established diplomatic relations in October 1962.

To promote such amicable relationship, our Society is exerting all its efforts to implement various collaboration activities, such as art exhibition hosting, business forum, tour program, exchange student program, research in history/culture/art/academic fields and many other programs proposed by industry.

In addition, our Society is promoting culture of Islam and potential of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, we are participated in improving bilateral economic activity, through introducing core competence of Korea, particularly, IT industry.

It is significant that Korean people who have visited Saudi Arabia counts over five million man-day. Closer interaction and mutual relationship buildup between vibrant Korea and high potential Saudi Arabia, has now become much more important and necessary in this global era.

We sincerely appreciate your attention and support toward our Society in develop solid relationship between Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Thank you.

Lee Jong Cheon

Chairman of Korea-Saudi Friendship Society