Work with us

Become Our Partner

  • We welcome partnering with your company to collaborate in various on-going KSFS projects in relation to Saudi Vision 2030
  • We seek for Win-Win partnership, with your expertise on the field
  • Potential area of collaboration:
    : Technology, Business, Tourism, Film Production and etc.
  • We are always open to your valuable proposal and ideas

KSFS Ambassador

  • KSFS welcomes all the talented university students to work with us as a global ambassador to Saudi Arabia
  • Your role as KSFS ambassador can be discussed based upon your talent & interest area
  • As an example, your contribution could be:
    : KSFS contents production, including writing articles, photography, video contents, data gathering & etc.
    : KSFS official project support, including Saudi Home Coming Initiative support
    : KSFS Newsletter editor
  • Period, work location and working hour for KSFS Ambassador is flexible and upon discussion
  • A recommendation letter will be given to each individuals to thank successful completion of Ambassador role

Grow Your Dream and Earn Credits

  • Work with us and earn your university credits.
  • Your role will be similar to KSFS Ambassador, but more related to your major field & career path
  • You may need to check with your university office regarding credit approval in advance.

Be a Volunteer

  • Become a volunteer to upcoming KSFS events and exhibition. You will have valuable memories and experience with Saudi visitors and opinion leaders!
  • Activity and role will vary depending on characteristics of each specific event.
  • Please comment your preferred contribution area during registration process
  • Certificate issuance via volunteer 1365 (